Monday, January 5, 2009

Hai Blog..

Hai blog...long time no see, you must be very hungry. Here let me feed you...

It's 2009 people ! time to get your ass up and plan your year carefully!..because time wont rewind for you and when a minute passes by...It's more looking back and say " aiya there goes a few minute of my life reading this post ! " XD ...well i wont be going to INTI as planned. Will be continuing my studies in Apiit/UCTI in oh so boring Bukit Jalil.........why am i not going to INTI as planned.? well it's because of human error......which human that made that error.? yours trully save my face and to feed your curiosity....lets just say i made heck lot of stupid mistake..( trying to be creative sometime reaps unwanted results?....u get the picture la ).....class starts on the 19th of january....chosen course : BIT = Business Information Technology aka Banyak Ingin Tidur < was just being creative....BIT ME LAIK~~!!....

Alot has taken place since my last blog post.........for example.....





errr actualy nothing much....i did the exact same thing for the past 2 and a half months....

-wake up at 9.30
-wash up go to work ( TGV aeon Jusco Bukit Tinggi 2)
-" Yes sir/ma'am , what movie would you like?
-" Ya bang/cik/pakcik/makcik/adik, nak tengok gambar apa?
-" What time would you like sir/ma'am?, bang/cik/pakcik/makcik nak tengok pukul berapa?
-" How many person sir/ma'am?, berapa orang ?
-" Ok, so that would be #person for (movie) at (time)..correct? that will be RM $$....
-" Thank You, NEXT !!!!!!

oh old chinese aunty came to the counter beside me, from the way she spoke i knew she wasnt fluent in Bahasa Melayu..and the counter beside me was runned by a Malay women...but least she tried....the conversation went like this....

Aunty : Saya mao err itu err kartun ahhh ( pointing at teh madagascar poster )

Counter : ok makcik , berapa orang nak tengok ?

Aunty : err ada tiga olang mao..... mao tiga olang tiket...

Counter : ok makcik..ada "Kanak-Kanak" tak??? ( notice i emphasize on the kanak-kanak)

Aunty : oh, err saya mao satu dewasa dan ahh.....dua "KATAK KATAK"........( wtf???)

Counter : "" biting hard on lips not to burst out in laughter"" ok tunggu ah ~~

And what did i do after hearing that??? well i did the next best thing i could think of....i politely put the "counter closed" sign infront of my counter...went behind......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....... !!!! joined by my other colleague who overheard the conversation.......

you are asking why did i not help the aunty when i knew she had a hard time speaking BM when clearly i could have easily communicated with her in Mandarin?.... I did offer to help.....But she was too busy pointing/looking the the madagascar poster....=_='''

anyway will try to update the blog constantly...until the next post.....see ya....







Saturday, November 8, 2008

..How To or How Not To..

Been long since i have updated my blog. Been busy working and well, nothing interesting took place in this couple of week, so there was nothing for me to blog about.aha. It's 3.13 in the morning now and i am not yet asleep which is normal since i kinda have insomnia. or maybe i choose not to sleep. T.T. ......

So here is the topic that i will be blogging about, Have you ever had those moment where you were happy just being with someone and it meant so much that just thinking back those memories put a smile on your face. =) Moments that mean so much to you that you wake up every morning and the first thing that comes into your mind are these perfect happy moments. And just thinking about it brightens your day.

But one day you have to make a choice of letting that someone go. Not having that certain someone in your thoughts upon their request. The Hardest part of it all is to hear them say " Forget about me" or "I am not good enough for you" ," I will only make you sad in the end".
And you try hard to fulfill their request with a heavy heart, only to hurt yourself so much in the end. But you hide all the pain within you and somehow carve a fake smile on your face to keep others happy. Letting yourself get hurt is a better choice then Hurting that person.

And those happy memories turn into sad painful ones. Thinking back will only add to the pain of what once was and what it is now. And slowly you feel a distant form in between and how you once treat each other, how you once show your care for one another an no longer be seen. what exist now is only a form of greeting and saying goodbye.

Last Over Vast Eternity






Saturday, October 4, 2008

- - Been a while - -

It's 4 in the morning now, was in Maison on Thursday night and deprived of sleep that night/morning but it was worth every second of it...*yawn*.....i will let the pictures do the talking..

Tipsy...Tipsy Tipsy~~

Before we left.....

me..thi and poon..

Before the partying started..

Kenny is red and i am brown..

Thiru and me......

Chivas / Jack Daniels

Haha...Dun ask Dun tell...O.o

Looking forward to the next session.....( you don't here me saying that often )







Saturday, September 27, 2008

Family 3

Hmm, is anyone really familiar with their family tree? the history of your family?....well not too long ago i found out that one of my aunt had another son who was given to her brother in-law because he and his wife was unable to have offspring's of their own. He is the same age as me. I asked my mom how could she (my aunt) give him away, just like that~. My mom said that during those times it was normal for a one to give up their new born child to a relative who is unable to bear a child of their own. Means i have a cousin somewhere out there which i am relatively related to but have not met before in these 19 years. And i also found out recently that my Ah yi ( mom's sister) was put up for adoption after she was born because the family at that time did not have the resources to care for her. But my grandmother did not have the heart give her up and in the end she changed her mind and cared for her..........And the worst story that i found out was that my grandmother ( fathers mom) was left outside of the house as a baby in a cloth like bag, hung on a tree and left to die.!.. the reason was because she was very sick as a baby and the family did not have the money to take her to a doctor. So they decided to leave her outside in the night to die. The next day when they woke up, they found her still alive and took her back into the house.....................Imagine if my grandmother really died as a baby, then there wont be me, or any of my uncles and aunties as well as cousins here today. If we look closely and think back, these small things coujld have change alot of today's outcome. Lucky enough we live in a more loving and caring era now, but still, babies are being put up for adoption by their blood parents due to lack of resources. DO NOT think of these parents as monsters who understand not the meaning of love or family. It is not the parents wishes to send their children away, but it is their wish that their child would have a better life in the future.





~Oh ~Oh~

I think i have lost the ability to rhyme.....T.T......

Friday, September 5, 2008

Why we like to block him..lolz

Eric : Breakfast get 2morow ?
KHO : FU (F*** You )
Thiru : Breakfast ?

Eric : vietnam
Thiru : Kho shut up
Eric : Kho shaddap
Eric : JINX

KHO : ok
Kam : err
Thiru : thx kho
KHO : u r welcome
Thiru : so 2morow what time ?
Kam : MPK at 8 ?

Thiru : 8.?..make it 9 la
KHO : then 10 lor
KHO : 9.30

KHO : 10.30
KHO : 11.30
KHO : 12.
Eric : -.-''

Thiru : kho shut up
Kam : why u all add kho la...
Thiru : cause we thought he got change ma
KHO : 1234567890
Eric : nvm..
Thiru : kho stop
KHO : FU..

KHO : hahahahahahaha


Kam : more peacefull
Eric : much more
Thiru : thank god ( so kaw until thiru oso thank god man....)
Kam : so 2morow what time..

Eric : 8.30 lor
Kam : ok
Thiru : ok..sure

Eric : SET...



Thiru : Time to minum...

Kam : lol...sure...where.?
Thiru : pakli la..
Kam : ok...
Thiru : you tell kho..
Kam : F*** tell him.
Thiru : me dunwan ask him

Kam : i dunwan
Kam : HAHA..all scared of asking him...
Thiru : lolz..ask la..u ask him this time i ask
Kam : ................

Kam : ok i ask this round.....

ROFLUSH !!!!!!!


So this is what we did when he started to annoyed us with those endless nudging
and FU'ing

But in the end when we notice why so peacefull, only then we remembered that we forgot to unblock angry ah the end we still love u ma !!..ROFL !!!

lastly before i end this post....I QUOTE MARK KHO CHUAN MENG : GO PARAPAP LA YOU !

Monday, September 1, 2008


i am pretty sure you guys are familiar with this fella,

His name is Ronald Mcdonald, born to a pair of male circus clowns ( dun ask me how ), George Ronald and Henry Mcdonald. Due to complications and also premature birth, he ended up looking like this as a baby..

( so )

One day at the age of 18. while taking a *poop* in the toilet an idea came into his mind,
he wanted to start a small business selling meat patties on a bun.

( now u know how he got the idea while *pooping* )

And so, he followed his heart and started the meat patty on a bun business and named it
"Ronald Mcdonald*. soon after ,his business started to bloom. He was earning more in a week then he ever did performing as a circus clown in a month. And from there he extended
his business overseas. Years pass and the name Ronald Mcdonald became an international household name.


But Ronald was getting bored making Burgers everyday, and soon after he fell into deep depression. he started to think of how life would have been for him if he had become a movie star. Walking down the Red Carpet and receiving numerous Awards for his acting. He quickly fell in love with the idea and one fine morning, he decided to leave his business behind and left without telling anyone.

( once a clown, always a clown, running away with a smile on his face )


He knew he needed a new look in order to make fame in Hollywood, his clown face was to common and would certainly fail the interview for get a role in blockbuster hits. He change his image over and over yet he was still no satisfied with it. And then an idea struck his head. He took his First creation, the meat patty pose in the mirror with the meat infront of his face. He finally got the look he wanted.



( see the resemblance between the meat and the clown face ? )


And so...... A Great Actor was Born...................He named himself *McJoker* but was strongly opposed by his manager as it was a clownish he was renamed as * The Joker *..

Bad Internet Day......

---------------- =( ----------------------------






(kena Punk'd)





Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lyric turn Poetry...

was suppose to write lyrics for a friend. instead a poem came out...



tell me the words that i once said to you,
to hold you in my arms is all i want to do,
you are my little shining star in the great dark sky,
shining down my path of life..staying close by.

i will always remember the way you smile,
and how you laugh and play,
every smile you gave to me completed my day.
and as i held your hand and pray,
and look up into the sky,
i pray our love will forever stay,
and our heart will never die.

i dreamt a dream of a falling star,
and made a wish when it flew past,
i said please give me strength and hope
to make our love forever last.

and when u cried, the sky turn grey,
from your sadness and your pain,
but keep in mind i'm always here,
to shield you from the rain.

and when i am down you stood by me,
u held me close and said,
i'll do anything to make you smile,
but please dont go away.

But life is cruel to you and me,
it took your wing and let you fall,
i held you hand as long as i could,
till there was nothing more.

the pain was deep it broke me down,
i want you back so bad,
i would give my life to you,
too see you smiling back.

i wish so hard on a falling star,
and prayed for you to return
to hold you in my arms so tight,
and never let u burn.

my soul is empty and cold inside,
i'm lost without you by my side,
your face is all there is in my mind,
your heart is all i can find...






NUmber One !!!!

No matter win or lose always remember...